About the Book

Within the pages of this book you will find the contrarian path to wealth creation that could put you on track to creating true financial independence for you and your family and help you blaze a new trail to wealth and prosperity. By choosing not to run with the herd, you can begin your own journey towards financial independence – and this book offers the tools to do it in very simple language, with very simple techniques. Investors often do the wrong things, at the wrong times, for the wrong reasons. The techniques discussed in this book are contrarian to the popular, run-of-the-mill advice that leads to mediocre results. The path to financial freedom starts with a very simple premise: Author Patrick Horan, founder and president of Horan Capital Management, LLC, contends that everyone should have savings in mind, no matter how meager their take-home is – and build wealth with a long-term process that works. And he demonstrates in these pages how it can be done. Look inside and take the leap to a worry-free retirement.


Run From the Herd Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Begin with the End in Mind

Chapter 2: Pay Yourself First No Matter What

Chapter 3: A New Investing Paradigm

Chapter 4: Investing is Really Not That Complicated

Chapter 5: Active vs. Passive Management

Chapter 6: Emulate Successful Investors

Chapter 7: Never Stray from Your Investment Discipline

Chapter 8: Consider Tax Consequences of Investment Portfolios

Chapter 9: Building Sustainable Income and Wealth

Chapter 10: Waiting for the Fat Pitch –Exercise Patience


About the Author